Are you in the market for a new dog feeder or looking for a better way to provide your pet with healthy nutrition and comfort as they're aging? A great option is getting an elevated dog bowl.

Elevated bowls can provide many benefits, like helping with digestion, reducing neck strain, and making eating more comfortable for larger breeds with difficulty bending down to traditional floor-level feeders. They're especially beneficial to dogs with arthritis as they place the neck in a more natural position which can relieve strain on the neck, shoulders, hips and joints.

We want to note here that some studies have shown that less air enters the esophagus when a bowl or feeder is elevated to the correct height for the size of the dog, possibly decreasing the risk of canine bloat, but other studies have suggested that making the food easier to eat increases the speed at which dogs eat, and therefore raises the risk of canine bloat. So, if you have a dog that eats too quickly already or has had bloat scares in the past, you may want to combine an elevated feeder with a slow feeder or simply pass on elevating altogether.

If you're interested in buying an elevated dog bowl and want to know what features to look for in one, continue reading for our top recommendations!

How did we choose the products we're recommending today?

We looked at each elevated dog bowls' size and shape, material, height adjustment options, drainage capabilities, and more. Each one was designed to provide comfort and nutrition with convenience in mind. We read reviews and considered user comments as well as overall rating.

We also considered the breed and size of your dog when choosing elevated bowls. For larger breeds, elevated bowls can relieve the uncomfortable neck strain of bending down to reach floor-level feeders, but they can still be useful for smaller dogs, and growing puppies too.

We also wanted to highlight elevated bowls that are easy to clean and maintain so you can keep your pup's mealtime experience hygienic and safe. Dishwasher safe is a huge determining factor in our own home and we assume it's important to many other pet owners as well.

Neater Feeder Deluxe

Neater Feeder Deluxe

What We Love

This one is called "deluxe" for a reason and it has plenty of impressive bells and whistles to appreciate. First of all, there's two separate compartments and a draining feature, so that any spilled food is contained on the top and spilled water drains to the bottom reservoir where you can easily dump it out later.

We love that they sell additional leg extensions, so that you can add more height if necessary.

For love that they have the option to purchase a medium or large size with a slow feeder style bowl for safety precaution measures.

What To Know

There's three sizes to choose from (plus the additional leg extensions if needed) and seven color combinations to work for any size pet and any esthetic preferences you might have.

The small size has a bowl feeding height of 3" and comes with a 1.5 cup bowl and a 2.2 cup bowl, while the medium options is a feeding height of 5" and comes with one 3.5 cup and one 5 cup bowl. The large size has a bowl feeding height of 8" and comes with one 7 cup food bowl and one 9 cup  water bowl.

They provide an excellent chart to help you decide which size you need for your home:

neater feeder chart

IRIS USA Elevated Dog Bowls

Iris feeder

What We Love

The IRIS elevated dog bowls make feeding easier for larger breeds with difficulty bending down to eat from a traditional floor level bowl, while the adjustable legs allow you to easily remove the leg extensions for puppies or small dogs and attach them back on to fit your pets' growth if necessary.

The spill-proof rim helps contain spilled water and food within the eating area, making it easier to clean up when they're done with the meal. Plus, the stainless steel elevated bowls are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

This elevated dog bowl can be easily be used for multiple pets, dry food, wet food, or water - due to its' size and the design that helps contain spills while keeping your furry friend well-fed. Get this elevated dog bowl today to provide your pup with the best nutrition and comfort!

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What To Know

Know your dogs' size and how high you would like the dog bowl to be. Measure from the floor to the top of their shoulder for an accurate height before purchasing. This feeder is just over a foot tall, so it won't work well for small dogs unless you remove the legs, but then it's no longer a raised feeder.

Height isn't the only factor to consider, but you also want to make sure that the dog bowl size is right for your pet; bowls that are too small can cause food or water to spill over, while one that is too large can be uncomfortable and difficult to maneuver. These bowls are 8.5" wide and 3" deep (2 quarts) and suitable for large dogs. There's four colors available, but only the one large size.

There's over 12,000 Amazon reviews for this item and many people like how easy it is to use, but some reviewers have said that it's not stable enough for their strong rambunctious dogs. It may slide or get knocked over since the removable plastic legs  aren't as sturdy as some other options. If you have an animated eater, you may want to check the reviews or look at other options first.

Yoken Elevated Dog Bowls

yoken bowl

What We Love

The Yoken bowl is a great way to give your pet the nutrition and comfort they need. These elevated bowls reduce neck strain, ease digestion to prevent potential stomach issues, and make feeding more comfortable for larger breeds with difficulty bending down to traditional floor-level feeders.

They come in three heights to account for any size pet and over 6 different colors to match your personal preferences. The small size is ideal for cats too!

We LOVE that this bowl has an optional slow feeder insert you can purchase separately for a modest price and prevent any potential increased risk of bloat from eating too quickly. The insert is a super design that will fit with any of the food bowl  size options you purchase since it has "cuttable blades" to adjust the width. It's made of food-grade silicone and has suction cups on the bottom so you don't have to worry about your pups pulling it out while eating their kibble. Just cut it to the right size, put it on the bottom of the clean bowl, and then fill with your dog's food to easily get the best of both worlds!

Yoken slow feeder insert

What To Know

You may want to think about whether you need a single or double bowl as  many of the elevated bowls on the market come in pairs so that dogs can eat and drink simultaneously, but the Yoken bowls are sold as individuals that you can buy separately or as a set.

The Yoken elevated dog bowls are made of  BPA-free, rust-resistant and removable stainless steel bowls. The bowls are elevated to a comfortable of 5-6.5 inches, have non-slip bottoms for stability, and are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Reviewers love the skid-proof bottom that prevents the bowl from moving or tipping over and there are many comments regarding how easy it is to clean.

Dogit Elevated Dog Bowl

Dogit bowl

What We Love

The design of the Dogit elevated food bowl makes it easier for your pet to eat and drink while reducing stress on their joints. The stainless steel insert is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

The anti-skid feet ensure the elevated bowl stays in place without moving across the floor as your dog eats or drinks.

We love that this is another company that provides a slow feeder that can be added to the bowl to reduce gulping down food too quickly, but their slow feeder isn't as intricate or flexible as the Yoken insert.

What To Know

The Dogit elevated dog bowl is designed to provide your pet with a comfortable eating and drinking position, particularly for those with arthritis or joint pain. The stainless steel dog dish insert is removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

It comes in two sizes to accommodate small dogs and large breed dogs both, and is currently made in white, off-white, black, blue, or pink.

The raised bowl in the small size can fit up to 10.1 fluid ounces or 1 1/4 cups of food, making it ideal for smaller breeds or dogs with special dietary needs. It's 2" deep and just under 5" wide. The base of the small feeder is 6" wide and just 3.36" tall.

The stainless steel bowl in the large size fits 30.4 fluid ounces or 3.8 cups, is 6.5" wide and 2.25" deep, but the base of the feeder is 9" wide and the total height is 6.5" tall, which is shorter than many other options available and may not be tall enough for very big dogs.

OurPets Comfort Diner Elevated Dog Food Dish

OurPets comfort dog food dish

What We Love

If you have large dogs or older dogs struggling to bend down to traditional floor-level feeders, then the OurPets Comfort Diner Elevated Dog Food Dish may be exactly what you need!

Many reviewers have stated that this product works for them because the height options were better than other brands they'd previously tried. With over 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon, it's pretty safe to try this one out!

This comes with two stainless steel bowls so you can feed multiple dogs at once or have one for a water bowl. One neat feature that sets this brand apart, and may appeal to some people, is the option to turn it into an automatic water bowl. By removing a single stainless steel bowl and attaching a standard 2-liter bottle filled with water, it will refill itself as needed!

automatic water bowl

What To Know

The exterior platform of these raised dog bowls is plastic but the removable inserts are stainless steel bowls, like all of the options we're recommending today, and are easy to clean as they're top-rack dishwasher safe.

It is important to measure your dog before purchasing any elevated feeder, but this one comes in three sizes to choose from. There's 4", 8", or 12" tall options to accommodate most any size pup, so make sure that the elevated dog feeder you buy is not too tall or not too low for your furry family member.

The 4" tall size is 15" wide and holds 1.5 cups of dry dog food in each dog bowl. The 8" tall option is 23.6" wide and fits up to 4 cups of dry food in each bowl. The 12" tall size is large enough to hold 5.5 cups of dry dog food, making it perfect for the largest breeds.

Unlike the other options, this one only comes in a black plastic frame, so if you love color or wanted a specific color, this probably won't be the best choice for you.


In Conclusion

Ultimately, a raised dog bowl can be a great addition to keeping your furry friend happy and healthy, especially as they age. By providing a more comfortable orientation when eating and drinking, you will have a happier pup, and it may also improve their digestion and even improve their posture over time. We hope that the options we've highlighted today show you the versatility and options that you have available and possibly provide the perfect choice for your home.

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Questions and Answers

How elevated should dog bowls be off the ground?

The general rule is that the elevated dog bowl should be a maximum of 5-6" lower than their shoulder. So measure from the floor to their should, then subtract 5 or 6 inches and make sure that the bowl you buy is no taller than that. This allows your pet to eat comfortably without straining its neck or back.

Are elevated dog bowls adjustable?

Yes, many elevated dog bowls come with adjustable legs that allow you to raise or lower the bowl to the most comfortable height for your pet. This is especially useful if you have pets of different sizes. Some bowls come with extensions so you can increase the height further for giant breed dogs.

Will elevated dog bowls work with any food?

Yes, elevated dog bowls can be used with wet and dry foods, provided the bowl's material is suitable for the food type (e.g., stainless steel for wet food). 

Are elevated dog bowls safe for my pet?

Elevated dog bowls are designed with comfort and safety in mind. The elevated stand minimizes neck pain and joint strain and makes it much easier to eat from, but if canine bloat has been an issue for you dog or they eat too quickly already, you may want to add a slow feeding option to the bowl as a safety precaution.