Looking for the ultimate weighted stuffed animal for your kid in 2023? We've got you covered! First things first, you want to make sure the stuffed animal is made with high-quality materials that can withstand all the love and snuggles it's going to get. And speaking of snuggles, the stuffed animal should be the perfect weight and size for your child to hold and carry around. Plus, it should be made of a soft, comfortable fabric that's perfect for cuddling up with.

But let's be real - we all know kids can be messy. That's why it's important to choose a stuffed animal that's easy to clean. No one has time for complicated care instructions or pesky stains.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about weighted stuffed animals, including some of our top picks.

Benefits Of Weighted Stuffed Animals

Weighted stuffed animals can provide a number of benefits for children, particularly those with sensory processing challenges. These types of stuffed animals can provide a sense of comfort and security for children, simulating the feeling of being hugged or held. They may also help children to relax and fall asleep more easily.

These toys can be helpful tools for children who have difficulty calming down or regulating their emotions. The weight of the stuffed animal can provide a sense of grounding and help to regulate the kids nervous system. This can be particularly beneficial for children who have anxiety, ADHD, or are Autistic.

In addition to providing comfort and emotional regulation, weighted stuffed animals can also be used as a therapeutic tool to improve sensory processing skills. The weight and texture of the stuffed animal can provide proprioceptive input, which can help to improve body awareness and coordination.

Overall, weighted stuffed animals can provide a number of benefits for children, including comfort, emotional regulation, and improved sensory processing skills. They can be a useful and helpful tool for parents to have in their toolkit for helping their children manage their emotions and improve their overall well-being.

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How to choose a weighted stuffed animal

Experts recommend considering these factors when shopping for weighted stuffed animals:

Size And Weight

Pay attention to the weight of the stuffed animal. It should provide a sense of comfort and security without being too heavy for your child to carry around. And don't forget about size - make sure you choose a stuffed animal that's appropriately sized for your child to carry and hold.

The majority of weighted stuffed animals weigh under a few pounds. Parents can choose the weight of the toy selected, but it's important to choose something that the child can pick up and carry themselves.

Sensory Disorder Assistance

If purchased to assist with a sensory processing disorder, it's important to follow any instructions provided by the healthcare professional or therapist when using the stuffed animal. It's also important to regularly check the stuffed animal for any tears or damage, as the added weight can put extra strain on the toy.

Temperature Adjusting

Some weighted stuffed animals can also serve as cooling or heating pads. This is a unique feature that will not be available for many of the weighted plushies you find. Essentially you just microwave or freeze the stuffed animal (or a removable part) to get it to the ideal temperature your child needs at the time.


Let's talk fabric. You want something soft and cuddly, obviously. But it's also important to consider how easy it is to clean. No one has time for a stuffed animal that's a pain to maintain. Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Durability: You want to choose a fabric that is durable and can withstand regular use. Look for fabrics that are made of high-quality materials and are built to last.
  • Comfort: The fabric should be soft and comfortable for your child to hold and cuddle with. Avoid materials that are rough or scratchy.
  • Allergies: If your child has allergies or sensitivities, you may want to choose a hypoallergenic fabric.
  • Cleaning: Consider how easy the fabric is to clean. You want to choose a material that is machine washable or can be easily wiped clean.
  • Safety: Make sure the fabric does not pose a choking hazard for young children. Avoid small, loose threads or embellishments that could come off and get swallowed.

Easy to clean

As a parent, it is important to choose a weighted stuffed animal that is easy to clean, as it will likely become a well-loved and frequently used item in your child's life.

Fortunately, many weighted stuffed animals are made with materials that are easy to clean and maintain, but not all of them. Many are machine washable, which means that you can simply toss them in the washing machine and they will come out looking and smelling fresh. Other stuffed animals may have a removable cover that can be machine washed, or a surface that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

When choosing a weighted toy for your child, it is a good idea to read the cleaning instructions and choose one that is easy to care for. This will help to ensure that the stuffed animal stays clean and hygienic for your child to use.

Weighted Stuffed Animals To Shop For In 2023

Warmies Heatable French Lavender Scented Pig Plush


The Warmies Pig Plush is a fully microwavable and freezable weighted stuffed animal that meets all U.S. safety standards for all ages. The weight in these stuffed animals comes from all-natural flaxseed, with the added benefit of dried French lavender for a relaxing scent. They have a whole line of weighted stuffed animals, but this particular one weighs 0.3 lbs.

Warmies Pig Plush

Things To Know

Warmies is one of the top-selling brands of heat and cold therapy plush toys and they've been manufacturing products with the highest quality for over 20 years.

The manufacturer's recommended age is 3 years and up.

It's dimensions are: 7"L x 6"W x 8"H.

Surface wash only.

Things To Love

It is completely warmable meaning it does not require removing anything prior to microwaving.

Microwaving it can help with tummy aches and colic relief when hugging the soothing warmth.

This plush can also be used as a cold pack, by placing it in a sealed freezer bag in the freezer for a few hours.

Friendly Cuddle Weighted Lap Puppy


Charlie the weighted stuffed animal is great for both kids and adults and is designed for a lifetime of comfort and use. It is made with superior-quality materials and has reinforced stitching to prevent rips and tears. As a weighted blanket and stuffed animal combined, the Friendly Cuddle weighted lap pad puppy can be used either way. This product weighs 5 pounds and has unscented microbeads inside.  

Friendly Cuddle Weighted Lap Puppy

Things To Know

Charlie has been tested and approved for safety and is lead-free, phthalate-free, and non-flammable.

Charlie comes with two convenient travel bags, a drawstring backpack and a PVC tote bag with handles, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Things To Love

Charlie the Friendly Cuddle Lap Pad is machine washable, has odor-free microbeads, and the filling is very quiet when shifted around.

They back up their claim of superior quality with a 180 day warranty!

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Hugimals Darby Bear


With his three friends (an elephant, sloth, and a puppy), this weighted stuffed bear offers research-backed calming effects. The results of a pilot study in five hospitals for children showed Hugimals helped lower stress, enhance calmness, encourage tranquil sleep, and support focus for kids with attention difficulties.

Hugimals Darby Bear

Things To Know

Hugimals has won several awards including Parents "best toy award", People "worth the hype" award, Times "best inventions", and more!

Safe for all ages but the manufacturer recommends 2+.

It weighs 4.5 pounds that's distributed evenly to create the "hugs you back" sensation that they're named after.

Things To Love

It was created with input from doctors and therapists.

Hugimals gives to the community and has partnered up to provide comfort to children in foster care and victims of abuse investigated by the FBI.

The weighted insert is removable and the exterior plush is machine washable.

Mickey Mouse Comfort Weighted Plush


This Mickey Mouse weighted stuffed animal weighs a little over 2 pounds and measures 14 inches tall, making it an ideal size for little kids. Just Play also makes this product in other beloved Disney characters, like Minnie Mouse and Stitch, which are also very popular.

Mickey Mouse Comfort Weighted Plush

Things To Know

The manufacturer-recommended age is 3+

This weighted toy is not microwavable or machine-washable.

Things To Love

Amazon, with over 2,000 reviews!

There is no scent to this, so it's a good choice if your child is sensitive to certain scents.

This is the lowest-cost weighted stuffed animal on our list today.

Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad Lamb


This weighted stuffed animal lap pad features a 100% soft minky polyester exterior and a hypoallergenic plastic pellet filling. It is 3.6 lbs which works well as a sensory aid, and both the outer cover and weighted insert are machine washable.

Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad Lamb

Things To Know

It's one of the larger sizes available at 29"x8".

It's an IBCCES Certified Autism Resource.

If you're interested in two separate weighted lap pads, they sell a double pack with both the lamp and an adorable puppy at a discounted bundle price.

Things To Love

It's filled with small microbeads that keep it quiet while hugging.

This company is a small business founded in Tennessee, so your purchase would go towards supporting more small businesses in the USA.

Questions and Answers

Are Weighted Stuffed Animals Safe To Sleep With?

It is generally considered safe for both adults and children to sleep with a weighted stuffed animal, as long as the person has the physical ability to move it themselves. This means that the stuffed animal should not be too heavy for your child to pick up and carry easily. As always, children under a year old should not have anything in their crib with them, and that includes a weighted stuffed animal. It is not safe to assume a baby could move the weighted toy if necessary, so please don't take that risk. 

What Is The Point Of Weighted Stuffed Animals?

Why settle for just any old stuffed animal when you can snuggle up with one that feels like a real-life hug?! Weighted stuffed animals are designed to provide extra comfort and security, thanks to their added weight. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, insomnia, or just love the feeling of being hugged, a weighted stuffed animal can be a game-changer. So go ahead and indulge in some cuddly goodness – your inner child (and your stressed-out adult self) will thank you.

Do Weighted Stuffed Animals Help Adults?

You better believe it! Weighted stuffed animals aren't just for kids – they can be super helpful for adults, too. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, insomnia, or just need a little extra comfort and security, these cuddly companions can be a total game-changer. The added weight provides a sense of grounding and can even mimic the feeling of a warm hug, helping to calm and relax the body. So go ahead and snuggle up with your weighted stuffed animal – you deserve all the comfort and coziness in the world!

Do Weighted Stuffed Animals Help With Anxiety?

Absolutely! Weighted stuffed animals are like little fluffy therapists in cuddly form. (A bit exaggerated there, but we think you get the point.) The added weight can provide a sense of grounding and can help to calm and relax the body, which can be especially helpful for those dealing with anxiety. Plus, the act of hugging and cuddling a stuffed animal can release feel-good hormones like oxytocin, which can help to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. So go ahead and give your weighted stuffed animal a big squeeze – your anxious mind (and your cuddly side) will thank you.

What Is The Psychology Behind Sleeping With Stuffed Animals?

There's nothing quite like snuggling up with a soft, cuddly stuffed animal to drift off to sleep, and it turns out there's actually some psychology behind it! Many people find comfort in sleeping with a stuffed animal because it can provide a sense of security and familiarity, like a little piece of home. It can help reduce loneliness and anxiety. Plus, the act of hugging a stuffed animal can release feel-good hormones like oxytocin, which can help to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. So whether you're a lifelong stuffed animal fanatic or just looking for some extra comfort at bedtime, it's totally okay to embrace your inner kid and snuggle up with your favorite plushie. Sweet dreams!

In Conclusion

When shopping for a weighted stuffed animal for your child in 2023, consider the following factors: quality and durability of materials (No one wants to be constantly replacing their child's favorite stuffed animal, right?), appropriate weight and size for your child, soft and comfortable fabric, and ease of cleaning. These considerations will help you find a weighted plush toy that provides comfort, security, and sensory input for your child while also being practical and easy to maintain.

And there you have it - now you're equipped with all the info you need to find the perfect weighted stuffed animal for your child in 2023. Happy shopping!

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