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Squishmallows have taken the world by storm and have become a popular choice among parents looking for great cuddle companions for their toddlers and older kids alike. These squishy plush toys have gained a massive following for their unique design, smooth texture, and huggable nature. In this article, we will discuss the best Squishmallows for toddlers (including the in-demand bunnycorn).

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How do we choose the Best Squishmallows for you?

Choosing the best Squishmallows requires careful consideration of various factors that affect a toddler's experience with the toy. We looked at the size of the Squishmallow and its suitability for toddlers, considered the texture and softness of the toy as it plays a vital role in providing sensory stimulation, evaluated the design of the Squishmallow and how it relates to the child's own style and preferences as well as it's relevancy to Easter, and prioritized overall user reviews.

Our Suggested #1 Squishmallow for Toddlers

Legacy The Bunnycorn Plush

Image of Legacy the Bunnycorn Squishmallow with a Easter egg background

Things We Love

Meet Legacy, your toddlers new bff, the 12" pink speckled belly Bunnycorn with a beautiful shimmering gold unicorn horn!

She's a perfect Easter gift from the officially licensed Squishmallows merchandise line that will be your child's new bunny bestie!

This new best friend Bunnycorn is a marshmallow-soft fantasy plush that's wonderful to both snuggle and collect. Everyone from young children to adults will love her sweet floppy ears this Easter!

Legacy's favorite past time is reading while laying around in the grass, making her a perfect role model to encourage more reading in your home!

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Things To Know

These collectible plush toys are so cuddly and adorable they're perfect for anyone that may love stuffed animals!

This soft stuffed animal is great for taking on long car rides, trips, or to sleepover parties!

It has over 800 positive reviews, making it a safe option to invest in for your toddler.

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Rainbocorns Eggzania Surprise Mania Bunnycorn

Image of Rainbocorns Bunnycorn Eggzania Surprise Mania with an Easter egg background

If your child already has a Bunnycorn Squishmallow that they adore and you're looking for something else that would make a great Easter gift, consider this Rainbocorns bunnycorn surprise series.

Part of the Rainbocorns collection, the bunnycorn egg package includes over 20 bun tastic surprises, like an adorable super soft plush bunnycorn with beautiful glittery glass eyes, a silver horn, and heart applique, along with 5 mini surprise eggs.

These wicked cool toys are tons of fun for you child right from the  mystery unboxing, straight to the new surprise bunnycorn bestie! Each pocket sized egg has a super cute little surprise like slime, bracelets, adorable bunnycorn stickers and more for tons of bunny fun!

image that says "This is a read out loud video on "I believe in Bunnycorns", a perfect board book for little Bunnycorn lovers:"

Most Unique

Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Dog

Image of Zero the Nightmare Before Christmas dog Squishmallow on an Easter egg background

Things We Love

The pumpkin-shaped nose and a pink collar set this 8-inch plush apart from more traditional Easter basket gifts and highlights a personality encouraging fun!

Zero is a Squishmallow that has a unique look, combining both Halloween and an Easter esthetic in one huggable stuffed animal that encourages imaginative play!

The Zero Squishmallow is an officially licensed product of Disney, giving you another reason to collect this hard-to-find stuffed animal!

text says "collectorsleuth shows their hard-to-find, complete Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Squishmallows:"

Things To Know

You can really let your imagination go wild when you play with the Nightmare Before Christmas Zero dog since Zero fits in just about anywhere.

This soft stuffed animal is only one of 9 Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows that was released as the 2021 Halloween squad, but probably the only one we'd recommend for a unique Easter basket gift. (Unless you're just a hardcore NBC fan.)

With over 900 rave reviews, and 90% of customers giving it a 5/5 rating, this product is an excellent choice for your young child's collection.


Best Bundle

Set of 3 Bunny, Chick, & Egg

3 piece set of Easter 2023 Squishmallows on an Easter egg background

Things We Love

Meet Waylon the colorful Easter Egg, Aimee the Chick (with fantastic fluffy fur wings that are great for sensory play), and Bop the Bunny! Bop may not be a bunnycorn, but she does look like she's related to Legacy with her soft pink ears and sweet smile!

This set of three Easter egg shaped Squishmallows are 8" super squishy bundles of love!

Each one is it's own collectible plush stuffed animal, but together they're an Easter basket full of joy!

text says "Short 2.5 minute video from I Squish Hunter shows all the finds from a Squishmallow hunt at Kroger, Walmart, and Target:"

Things To Know

These genuine Squishmallows are the fluffiest, cutest stuffed animals that are definitely relevant to Easter and gender neutral for boys and girls of all ages.

95% of reviewers give this a 5/5 rating, which is really impressive for any toy!

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In Conclusion

Squishmallows are popular for toddlers (and everyone else really) due to their soft texture, huggable feel, and cute designs, but they're more than just the cutest plush toys around, they're also collectible! We've shown you our opinion on the best Squishmallows for toddlers this Easter and hope you agree. If there's one you feel we left out and definitely deserves to be on the list, let us know in the comments!

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Questions and Answers

What's inside a Squishmallow?

Inside each Squishmallow is a lightweight polyester stuffing that gives the toy its signature marshmallow-soft squishy feel and makes it extra-huggable.

What is the name of the Bunnycorn Squishmallow?

Legacy is the official Squishmallow Bunnycorn! She is a light pink flop-earred bunnycorn that has a pink speckled belly and a magical shimmering gold unicorn horn! She's a perfect Easter gift from the officially licensed Squishmallows merchandise line that will be your child's new bunny bestie!

What are the Easter Squishmallows 2023?

Are you looking for the perfect Easter gift? Check out the 2023 Easter Squishmallows! The Easter Collection features Squishmallow designs inspired by Easter aesthetics, with adorable characters like Aimee the Chick, Waylon the Easter Egg, and Satine the pink 2023 bunny plush. These soft and squishy stuffed animal toys are sure to bring a smile to your little one's face this holiday season. Plus, you can find them at popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Five Below and more. So don't wait - get your Easter Squishmallows today!

What's in the best Easter baskets for toddlers?

When it comes to Easter baskets for toddlers, there are so many cute and creative options available. From stuffed bunnies to bath toys, here are some of the best Easter basket ideas for toddlers that will make them smile this holiday season.

Satine the 2023 pink bunny Squishmallow or Xin the 10" blue bunny Squishmallow

Pick up one of the 9 awesome Star Belly Dream Lites stuffed animal that will turn your child's room into a rotating starry night sky for 20 minutes before automatically shutting off.

This 6 pack set of light-up floating dinosaurs will have your toddler enjoying their bath in no time!

For an educational toy: Try this shape and color matching egg set that's also priced pretty low.

If you have a lot of littles coming over for an Easter egg hunt, consider this 36 piece set of easter eggs that come with little stuffed toys inside, already pre-filled for your convenience.

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