Ever wondered what those cool looking things that keep us from baking in the sun at the playground are called? Well, they're known as shade structures or, more specifically, playground shade structures. These fantastic things come in handy, especially during those super sunny summer days when the sun's harmful UV rays are a bit too much to handle.

Whether it's at an elementary school or a park, you'll often find these commercial playground shade structures. They're not just for play areas, either! You can spot them over picnic tables and other outdoor spaces, providing some sweet, sweet shade.

Commercial sun shades AKA playground shade sails are popular types of shade structures. They're like big fabric canopies that stretch out over the play space, shielding our kids and the play sets from UV damage. Plus, they can make any play area look cooler (pun intended)!

Outdoor shade structures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From tiny shades just right for a couple of picnic tables, to gigantic commercial playground shade structures that cover virtually any playground equipment, there's something for everyone.

Now, don't worry about the color. These shade canopies come in a rainbow of color options. Whether you want to match your school's colors or just pick your favorite one, you can create the perfect look for your play space.

Artpuch Sun Shade Sail Canopy 12' x 16'

Why Do You Need Shade on a Playground?

Those playground shade structures are our superheroes that protect us from the sun's harmful UV rays. Yep, you heard that right. The sun can sometimes be a bit too harsh, and that's when commercial sun shades swoop in to save the day. They keep our skin safe from sun damage while we're busy having the time of our lives on the play equipment.

Playground shade sails and commercial playground shade structures make sure our fun doesn't get too hot to handle! You know how the playground equipment can get sizzling in the summer sun, right? Well, outdoor shade structures keep the play equipment cool so we can slide, swing, and climb without any "ouch-that's-hot" moments.

Plus, shade structures offer a sweet spot for rest and relaxation. After all that running, climbing, and playing, we all need a break, right? These shade canopies provide a cool, shaded area for us to chill out and catch our breath before we're back to conquering the playground.

Also, let's not forget our lovely picnic areas. Picture this: you're enjoying your favorite sandwich at the park, but the sun is just too bright. Enter: commercial playground shades! They create a perfect, shaded space for picnic tables so we can munch away in comfort.

Another great thing about these shade products is they can make any outdoor space look super stylish. With a ton of color options to choose from, you can jazz up your playground or park in no time!

Artpuch 20'x20'x20' Sun Sail Shade UV Block 185 GSM Commercial Rectangle Outdoor Covering for Backyard

How Do You Need Shade a Backyard Playground?"

First off, you've gotta figure out what type of shade structure you want. There are loads of options out there advertised as things like "playground shade sails, commercial shade structures, and/or fabric canopies". All these names are part of what we call outdoor shade structures and they're perfect for virtually any playground.

Next, think about where you want to place the shade. You'll want to cover the play equipment to protect it from sun damage, but don't forget about creating a rest area too. A bit of shade over the picnic tables would be pretty cool for those summer picnics, right?

Now, it's time to get creative! You can choose from all sorts of shapes and color options to make your playground shade structure really stand out. Maybe you want your shade to match your play equipment, or perhaps you just want to pick your favorite color. Either way, your backyard playground is going to look super rad!

As for installation, you'll want to make sure it's done right. If you're not sure how to do it, don't worry. Most companies that sell commercial playground shade structures will give you a hand, and some will even install it for you.

The best part is, adding shade to your backyard playground doesn't have to break the bank. You can find some great shade products at low prices. Just ask for a free quote to find out how much it'll cost.

Garden EXPERT 16'x16'x23' Sun Shade Sail Blue Right Triangle Canopy Sail Shade

Commercial Companies To Consider







In Conclusion

So, next time you're at the playground and you see that awesome structure providing some much-needed shade, you'll know it's called a shade structure or a commercial playground shade. And remember, playground shades aren't just about protection from the sun. They also create a nice rest area where kids can chill out and take a break from all that running and playing. Whether it's for picnic areas, playgrounds, or any other outdoor space, these shades are there to keep you cool and protected.

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What Are Playground Shades Called?

Playground shades are commonly referred to as playground shade structures or playground shade sails. These structures are designed to provide shade and protection from the sun's harmful rays in outdoor play areas such as playgrounds, parks, schools, and daycare centers. They come in various shapes and sizes, including rectangular, square, hexagonal, and sail canopies. Playground shade structures are an essential addition to create a safer and more comfortable environment for children during playtime.