As parents of young children, we always look for fun and engaging activities to share with our little ones. One of the parenting challenges is keeping our kids entertained and happy, especially in unfamiliar environments. That's why when we heard about the Blippi Tour, we knew we had to take our kids to the live show.

Blippi is a popular YouTube show that has captured the hearts of many children, and our living room Roku has certainly played countless hours of Blippi. So when we discovered that Blippi was coming to town, we jumped at the chance to give our kids a special treat.

This blog post will share our experience taking our kids to the Blippi Tour. From the pre-show excitement to the chaos of the show itself, and the post-show reflections, we hope our story will inspire other parents to embrace the messiness of parenthood and create special memories with their families.

Pre-Show Excitement

As we made our way to the venue, the excitement was palpable. Our kids were looking forward to seeing Blippi live, and the prospect of a new adventure filled them with energy and enthusiasm. Even the middle child, who can sometimes be reserved, was excited about the show.

We arrived at the venue and joined the queue to enter the auditorium. The kids were a handful through the security line and in the hallway, but we managed to keep them corralled until it was time to take our seats.

Once we were seated, the anticipation grew. Our eldest was delighted to see her friend there, and our middle child was excitedly bouncing in his seat. Even the youngest, who was too young to understand what was happening, seemed to sense that something exciting was happening.

As the lights dimmed and the show began, two of our kids settled in for what we hoped would be a fun and memorable experience.

The Show Itself

The show did an excellent job of keeping the children engaged. The colorful sets and catchy songs kept the kids' attention, and the interaction between Blippi and the audience made the experience feel personal and intimate. Our three-year-old, the middle child, was utterly mesmerized by the show, and it was a joy to see him so thoroughly immersed in the experience. For that alone, we would do it again in a heartbeat!


Of course, our youngest one was an escape artist and wanted to explore the auditorium and hallways. He spent about three-quarters of the show wandering and running around, but we managed to keep him within sight and didn't let his antics spoil the experience for the rest of us.

The ambiance in the auditorium was warm and friendly, despite the chaos of having so many young children in one place. Kids were going up and down the steps, and lots of children were taking turns crying. The concession line stayed busy throughout the show, and holding a toddler while waiting in line was a challenge.

popcorn blippi concession

But amidst all the commotion, we connected with other parents and felt like we were in a judgment-free zone. The ushers accommodated the little noise munchkins while politely escorting us to our seats. The kids were allowed to be kids, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

Post-Show Reflections

As we left the auditorium, we reflected on the experience. Our kids were exhausted but happy, and it was clear that the show had made an impression on them. The eldest was already talking about the next time she could see her friend again, and the middle child was still singing the songs from the show.

As parents, we were grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with our kids. It can be hard to find fun and appropriate activities for young children, but the Blippi Tour hit the mark. The show was engaging, entertaining, and accessible to kids of all ages, and we appreciated the effort that went into making the experience enjoyable for everyone.

Of course, there were challenges along the way. Managing young children in an unfamiliar environment is never easy, and we had our share of tantrums, tears, and escape attempts. But these challenges were outweighed by the joy of seeing our kids have fun and create special memories that will stay with them for years.


In the end, the Blippi Tour was a success. It was a reminder that we don't have to have everything figured out as parents. Sometimes, it's enough to embrace the chaos and let our kids be kids. And if that means spending an afternoon singing and dancing along with Blippi, then we're all for it.