If you're looking for a unique way to make your kids next sleepover amazing, consider playing a Super Spy game!

We've provided some explanations, clues, challenges, and ideas here for you. You don't have to use all of these and they should definitely be catered toward your child's age and interests.

kid playing spy games

The kids are new agents in a spy organization and must recover a stolen top-secret item before the enemy agents decode and use it against the world.

Give each child a "top-secret envelope" containing their mission briefing and some initial clues.

The briefing explains that a precious artifact, "The Sleepover Crystal," has been stolen from the organization's vault.

They must follow the clues, solve puzzles, and complete challenges to find and secure the Crystal.

Secret Mission Sleepover Crystal

Clue: A coded message

Puzzle: Caesar Cipher

A Caesar cipher is a type of substitution cipher used in cryptography, where each letter in the plaintext is replaced by a letter a fixed number of positions down or up the alphabet. It's named after Julius Caesar, who reportedly used it for his private correspondence.

For example, with a right shift of 3 letters, the letter A would be replaced by D, B would become E, and so on. The alphabet wraps around back to A, so with this same shift, X would become A, Y would become B, and Z would become C.

Decoding the message reveals the location of the next clue.

Realistic example: If you want the map to be hidden under the dining room table, you could write

Under the table= xqghu wkh wdeoh

Hint: Provide a code-breaking sheet to help them decode the message. This will depend on the age of the kids, but could include some letters filled in or pictures added for additional clues.

We've got a simple alphabet sheet you can print out to help make this easier for them:

Caesar cipher alphabet code sheet

Clue: A torn-up map

Puzzle: Jigsaw puzzle

Draw a map to the next location (3rd clue), then tear it up to make a puzzle. Put all the pieces in an envelope hidden in the location identified by the Caesar cipher (in our example, the envelope would be taped under the dining room table).

The kids must work together to assemble the map, revealing the location of the next challenge.

Hint: Number the back of each piece for an easier version of the puzzle.

diy home made jigsaw puzzle

Challenge: Laser maze

laser maze challenge game diy

Set up a hallway or room with yarn or string crisscrossing like a laser security system.

The kids must navigate the "laser" maze without touching the strings to retrieve the next clue.

Hint: Place a clue at the end of the maze with a hint for a shortcut or the best way to navigate the maze to the next clue.

This 1 minute video shows how the maze can be easily created with streamers and painters tape:

Here's another example where they used command strip wall hooks and yarn to make a more difficult maze:

Clue: Riddles

Puzzle: Solve a series of riddles

The riddles should be related to objects or locations in the house where the next clues are hidden.

Solving the riddles leads the kids to the location of the next challenge.

Realistic Examples:

I'm full of keys but can't open locks, I help you create words, numbers, and more. What am I?

Answer- A keyboard

I have a face that doesn't frown, I have hands that don't wave, but I always run around to tell you the time of day. What am I?

Answer- A clock

I can be cracked, made, told, and played. I might make you laugh or think for a while. What am I?

Answer- A joke

Hint: Provide some easier riddles as a backup if they struggle with the original riddles.

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Challenge: Spy Trivia

kid playing spy games

Prepare a series of spy-related trivia questions.

The kids must correctly answer a certain number of questions to receive the next clue.

Realistic examples:

Question: Which famous spy used the code number "007"?

Answer: James Bond

Question: What do spies often use to secretly communicate with each other, involving hidden letters or symbols in images or texts?

Answer: Codes or ciphers

Question: What is the name of the invisible writing spies sometimes use to send hidden messages, which can be revealed by heat or a special light?

Answer: Invisible ink

Question: In the animated movie "The Incredibles," what is the name of the gadget inventor who supplies the superheroes with their equipment?

Answer: Edna Mode

Question: Spies sometimes use disguises to look like someone else. What is the term for a spy who pretends to be someone else to gather information?

Answer: An undercover agent

Question: In the movie "Despicable Me," what group does Gru want to join, which consists of the world's greatest supervillains?

Answer: The League of Villains

Hint: Make the questions age-appropriate and provide multiple-choice options if needed.

Clue: Invisible ink

decoding secret message

Write a message using lemon juice or a white crayon on white paper.


The kids must reveal the hidden message using a heat source (like a light bulb) or by coloring over the message with colored pencil or marker if using a white crayon instead of lemon juice.

Solution: The message directs them to the final challenge.

Hint: Provide a clue on how to reveal the message, like "warmth reveals the truth" or "color me to see."

Challenge: The Final Showdown

Set up a "bomb" (a simple box or container with a timer, like a kitchen timer or a countdown on a phone).

The kids must complete a series of physical challenges (like crawling under a table, balancing on a pillow, or throwing a soft object into a target) to retrieve the "key" (a code, a toy, or a prop) to disarm the "bomb" and save the Sleepover Crystal.

Hint: Provide a helper to guide them through the challenges if needed.

Once the kids complete the final challenge and disarm the "bomb," they can celebrate their successful mission!

A good way to end the super spy mission game would be to celebrate the kids' successful completion of their mission and acknowledge their teamwork and spy skills.

kids celebrating

Here are a few ideas to create a memorable sleepover game ending:


Gather the kids together and briefly recap their mission, emphasizing their accomplishments, clever problem-solving, and teamwork.

Awards Ceremony

Present each child with a personalized "Secret Agent" certificate or a small spy-themed reward, such as a toy magnifying glass, sunglasses, or a mini flashlight.

You can also give out fun awards like "Best Code Breaker," "Master of Disguise," or "Top Navigator", etc.

Here's an example certificate of achievement you can choose to print off and hand-write each kids name on if you would like. Just download the pdf below the picture to print it.

certificate of appreciation for retrieving the stolen sleepover crystal

Group Photo

Take a group photo with everyone wearing their "spy gear" (sunglasses, hats, or other props) to remember the event. You can later print the photo and send it to the kids as a keepsake.

See our Spy Themed Party list for photo backdrop ideas.

Spy Themed Snacks

Serve some spy-themed snacks or treats, like "decoder ring" cookies, "laser beam" licorice, or "secret message" cupcakes with a hidden filling.

You could make some "night vision goggles" by arranging round crackers or cucumber slices with a dollop of cream cheese or a slice of cheese, and top them with an olive slice or a small piece of pepperoni to resemble night vision goggles.

Pass out some "agent trail mix" and label it as "Agent Fuel" or "Spy Snack."

Wrap-Up Activity

Organize a final group activity to wind down, such as watching a kid-friendly spy movie or playing a spy-themed board game or card game. This will give the kids a chance to relax and bond after the exciting game.

If your kids are 8 and up and you need help finding a game to play, check out

Spy Alley

Spy Alley game for kids

Debrief the parents

When parents arrive to pick up their kids, briefly share the mission's highlights, the kids' achievements, and any memorable moments. This helps reinforce the positive experience and creates a sense of pride for the kids.

Kick it up a notch

For more ways to make this Spy themed party a hit, try these tips we found on YouTube:

If you give this game a try, please let us know, we'd love to hear how it went for you!

For more fun game and activity ideas, check out our free kids printable activities and other related articles.

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