It probably doesn't surprise you to hear that camping is an excellent way for children to explore the great outdoors, learn about nature, and create lasting memories with family and friends.

To help your kids get excited about their next camping adventure, give them some more options for summer learning, or just keep your kids busy on rainy days, we've curated a collection of printable activity sheets with a camping theme suitable for all ages. These free printables not only provide plenty of fun playing games, but also teach valuable skills and knowledge related to camping and the outdoors.

In our free camping worksheets printable pack for this week you'll find a range of activities, including scavenger hunts broken down by age group, a cutting and sorting practice sheet, a bingo board (we've never tried this before so let us know if you like it!), word and letter recognition practice, a new crossword board, and a simple counting exercise perfect for little kids.

If you'd like to download all of them, this is the PDF file for you:

If you'd like to download them individually to pick and choose what you'll use, click under each picture to download the corresponding pdf file.

Camping Worksheets and Activities

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a  fun way to engage kids in outdoor exploration while teaching them about nature and fostering their curiosity. We created simple scavenger hunts targeting different age groups, and focusing on things commonly found outside, like leaves, rocks, and insects that should appeal to younger and older kids. Camping games like this can help bridge the gap between learning concepts and really understanding them in every-day context.

preschool camping theme printables
4 Year and Under - See PDF for other ages

Fun Camping Worksheets for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Camping-themed unit with fun educational activities:

We created some kindergarten worksheets that focus on important skills and color words while reinforcing other key educational concepts like shapes, letters, and patterns- including activities that teach counting, letter recognition, and fine motor skills.


Promoting quality time:

Games like bingo can help older kids remain engaged while encouraging more family bonding. So, we designed a printable bingo card as a new free activity that can provide a fun and engaging way for the whole family to participate.

Camping Bingo

Cutting and Sorting Practice

We created "clip cards" that encourage kids to match camping objects or concepts while practicing cutting and sorting. This helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

cutting and sorting practice for preschoolers and kindergarteners

Word Recognition

We designed some printables that focus on identifying the first letter of camping-related words, helping young kids strengthen their letter recognition and early reading skills.

Camping Activity
Camping - First Letter

Camping word work and crossword puzzles:

Word search puzzles and crossword games can help improve children's spelling and vocabulary skills while they have fun. We created a crossword this week that has a camping theme and should work well for kids older than 6.

Camping Crossword

Counting and Math Activities

Camping worksheets for math skill building:

We created a simple counting activity sheet that should be appropriate for preschoolers and kindergartners with objects they might find on a camping trip.

Camping - Animal Counting

Connecting Printables to Real-Life Camping Experiences

Here are some ideas for bridging the gap between the activities and actual camping trips:

Trip planning, packing, and campsite setup

Discuss the importance of planning and preparation for a successful camping trip. You could use the camping printables as conversation starters to talk about what to pack, what experiences to expect, and what activities they would like to do.

Applying skills during actual camping trips

Encourage your kids to use the skills they've learned from the printables during their future camping adventures. For example, they can practice their newly-acquired plant or animal identification knowledge while exploring the campsite and surrounding areas.

Incorporate the games and camping activities from the free worksheets into the camping experience by doing the scavenger hunt or playing the bingo game at your campsite.

By connecting the free activities to real-life camping experiences, children can better understand the practical applications of their learning and develop a deeper appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

Incorporating Environmental Education and Conservation

A "Leave No Trace" sign in a Florida state park says "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." This image first appeared on
Photo by / Unsplash

Leave No Trace principles, recycling, and wildlife protection

Integrate the Leave No Trace principles by discussing the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment. Show your kids how to dispose of waste properly, respect wildlife, and preserve the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Encourage recycling by incorporating activities that involve sorting recyclable materials or repurposing items commonly found on camping trips.

Role-play situations and decision-making

Develop role-play scenarios or decision-making exercises that involve common camping situations, such as setting up a tent, dealing with unexpected weather, or encountering wildlife. This can help children practice problem-solving skills and better understand the importance of being prepared.

Encourage group discussions and collaborative decision-making during these role-play situations, promoting teamwork and communication among children.

Making the Most of Your Camping-Themed Printables

Creative Concentration
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

Creating a supportive learning environment

Provide a designated space for your kids to work on their activity sheets, equipped with the necessary supplies like pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue. This will help foster a sense of ownership and organization.

Encourage a growth mindset by celebrating progress and effort, rather than focusing solely on outcomes or results. This can help your kids to develop a more positive attitude toward learning and challenges in general.

Complementary Camping-Themed Books, Movies, or TV Shows

To further enrich the learning experience and inspire kids to explore the outdoors, consider introducing them to camping-themed books, movies, or TV shows. These resources can complement the free activity sheets and provide additional context, entertainment, and inspiration.

In Conclusion

Photo by Arseny Togulev / Unsplash

Camping-themed printable activities offer an engaging and educational way to introduce children to the joys of the outdoors and prepare them for real-life camping experiences. These free worksheets can be adapted to cater to children of all ages and learning styles, ensuring that everyone can participate in the fun.

By incorporating a variety of activities like scavenger hunts, board games, counting exercises, and literacy worksheets, kids can develop some essential skills and knowledge related to camping and the outdoors.  Connecting these free activity sheets to real-life experiences, environmental education, safety and responsibility, and other subjects can help to create a well-rounded learning experience.

As you plan your next camping trip or simply seek to bring the great outdoors into your home or classroom using fun activities, these free camping printables will keep your older kids engaged, younger kids entertained, and everyone excited to explore the outdoors. Embrace the spirit of adventure and let these free camping printables guide your family's journey into the world outside!

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