Are you ready for a day filled with laughter, family fun, and (likely) lots of candy?

Easter is just around the corner, and we've got some fantastic indoor and outdoor games that parents can enjoy with their kids on this special day. From energetic egg hunts to creative crafting activities, we've gathered a bunch of delightful ideas that'll make your Easter celebration egg-stra special. So grab your bunny ears, gather the family, and let's hop into a world of fun and festive games that'll make this Easter one to remember!

Easter Egg Games

Many fun Easter games for kids involve Easter eggs and Easter Candy of course! One of the Easter games for younger kids that we've never done before, but plan on doing this year, is to have our kids "plant" magic jelly beans outside and check on them in the morning.

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Magic Easter Jelly Bean Garden

Magic Easter Jelly Bean Garden

Gather your supplies:

You'll need some colorful jelly beans (these will be our pretend "seeds") and a small shovel or spoon to help you dig a little hole in the ground.

Choose a spot:

Find a good place in your backyard or garden where you'd like to "plant" the jelly beans.

Dig a hole:

Use the small shovel or spoon to dig a tiny hole, just big enough for a few jelly beans. You don't need to go very deep, just about an inch or so.

Kinderific gardening set

Plant your jelly beans:

Place a couple jelly beans into the hole you just dug. These will act like magical seeds for our game.

Cover the hole:

Gently cover the jelly beans with the soil you dug up. Pat the soil down gently to keep your "seeds" safe and sound.


Repeat in a few locations, just like planting a garden.

Wait for the magic:

After you've planted your jelly beans, let your kids know that it's time to let the Easter magic do its work! Tell them to go inside, have a good nights' sleep, and try not to peek at your planting spot.


When your kids are asleep, replace the jelly beans they planted with lollipops or suckers for the most common version of the game, where the jelly beans grow into lollipops. For a unique Easter twist, you could replace them with colored eggs filled with candy or really anything your kids would appreciate though, and there's no limit to your creativity here!

YumEarth lollipops

Discover the surprise:

On Easter morning, head outside with your kids to show them what happened to their magic jelly bean seeds. They might just find that they've transformed into something special, like colorful lollipops or other sweet treats!

Remember, this game is all about using your imagination and having fun. Easter is a time for surprises, joy, and spending time with family, so enjoy playing the Magic Jelly Bean Garden game and have a fantastic Easter!

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

traditional egg hunt picture

No Easter celebration is complete without a classic easter egg hunt.

Fill plastic eggs with Easter candy, small toys, or coins and hide them around the house or yard. Younger kids can hunt for eggs in plain sight, while older kids can be challenged with clues and puzzles to find all the eggs.

For a unique twist with older kids, you can put out some hardboiled eggs in place of a plastic egg or two, and give bonus points or an extra prize to the kids that find them.

Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop Game photo

Elevate the Bunny Hop game by adding exciting elements and embracing the Easter spirit, making it more engaging for all ages. It's basically a version of musical chairs that doesn't eliminate anyone.

To start, download our free printable spots and print them out. For added durability,  consider laminating the spots so they'll withstand all the hopping fun and can be used again and again! We know little kids can get kinda rough, but you can always re-print the cards if you don't have access to a laminator. Alternatively, feel free to just color some circles if you don't have access to a printer.

We've included 15 different colors to maximize the number of players that can enjoy the game at once, but you only have to use as many as the players you have in the game.

bunny hop picture

Next, print and cut out the free printable matching bunny with tails cards or use colored pom poms or even plastic eggs that match the colors instead.

matching bunnies

Toss the cutout Bunny Tails, pom poms, fake eggs, or whatever item you choose that matches the colors on the spots into a festive Easter basket or a plain old bowl- it's your party so you do you!

Arrange the Bunny Hop spots around the room you're using, and consider taping them down.

Now it's time to set up the tunes! Make sure that everyone can hear the music.

We recommend this fun track, but anything age-appropriate you choose should work just fine.

Explain that everyone playing needs to hop around the room while the music is playing and then stop on/near the closest spot to them when the music stops. If two people are next to the same one, just have one go to another, because there's no elimination like musical chairs.

When the music stops, each player will stand on the closest Bunny spot near them.

Draw from your Easter basket or party bowl without looking. The person on that color gets a point for the round.

Designate a set amount of points to end the game, and then you'll have your winner! Consider a special prize for winning the game, but it's not necessary since the game itself is tons of fun.

Not only is this game less competitive since it involves random chance with the drawings, but it also involves plenty of exercise to burn off all that chocolate and candy your kids have been eating!

Bunny Tag Time

bunny tag time

Designate one person as the Easter Bunny, wearing bunny ears or a bunny tail for extra festive fun. Have them wear a blindfold and make sure the designated game area isn't too large to find anyone or have any dangerous obstacles that might hurt the blindfolded Easter Bunny.

The other players become "eggs" trying to avoid being tagged.

When an Easter "egg" is tagged, they must stand in place and hop up and down like a bunny. To unfreeze, a fellow Easter "egg" must crawl between their legs, imitating a bunny burrow. Be careful not to step or jump on anyone and let your kids know they can stop hopping while someone is crawling through. This adds a teamwork aspect, as players work together to unfreeze each other.

The Easter game ends when all Easter "eggs" are hopping or when the Easter Bunny tags a predetermined number of players. The last player to be tagged becomes the next Easter Bunny for the next round. Tag time combines strategy, teamwork, and festive fun, making it a perfect Easter activity for the entire family.

Jelly Bean Toss

bean toss game

Make the Jelly Bean Toss more fun by tailoring it to the Easter theme and adding some exciting flairs!

Gather a variety of Easter-themed supplies, including jelly beans in spring colors (or whichever you choose), baskets adorned with Easter decorations, and containers shaped like eggs or bunnies. (Plain old bowls work just fine-use what you have!)

Set up a playing area with multiple baskets or containers at varying distances, assigning point values based on difficulty. Farther or smaller targets earn more points.

Mark a designated line for players to stand behind while tossing.

We've created 18 different Easter eggs for you to print out and use for your point identification if you'd like. We don't have numbers on them,  so you can choose whichever point system you think will work best for your kids (or adults). You should tape them down next to the container they're connected to for scoring points and consider laminating if possible.

18 Eggs Page 1
18 Eggs Page 2

Players take turns throwing a predetermined number of jelly beans (5, 10, 15+) , aiming for the targets. Encourage strategy by allowing players to choose their targets based on potential points.

Keep score on a scoreboard or a piece of paper during multiple rounds.

We made this free printable score board option for you here.

Easter Jelly Bean Toss Extravaganza Score Board

For added excitement, introduce bonus rounds with special-colored jelly beans worth extra points or "golden" jelly beans that grant a special prize upon successfully landing in a target.

You may want to have different games for different age levels to make sure it's fun for everyone!

After all rounds are played, tally the scores to determine the winner.

This Easter Jelly Bean Toss Extravaganza blends strategy, skill, and festive fun, making it an engaging activity for family gatherings during Easter celebrations. It's appropriate for all ages depending on how you set it up.

Bunny Bowling Bonanza

Bunny Bowling Bonanza

Upgrade the Bunny Bowling game by adding unique elements and a scoring system. Fill plastic Easter eggs with small items like jelly beans, chocolates, or coins. These will be the egg bowling balls!

Use some stuffed bunnies or even "Peeps" as the "pins." Players take turns rolling the plastic eggs towards the "pins" to knock down as many bunnies as possible.

Assign point values to each bunny, either based on color, size, or another easily identifiable feature to add a strategic element to the game for older kids.

Play multiple rounds, keeping score on a piece of paper. We've made this free downloadable score sheet option for you here if you'd like to use it. It's designed for up to 12 players and 10 rounds, but you can always print more copies if you have more players or extra rounds.

Score cad
See PDF for all sheets

Encourage friendly competition and cheering among players. The player with the highest score after a predetermined number of rounds wins or you could always forgo scoring and just enjoy the laughs as you watch the uneven plastic eggs roll all over!

This Bunny Bowling Bonanza adds excitement, strategy, and a festive touch to the traditional bowling game, making it a fun activity for all ages during Easter celebrations.

Egg Toss Eggstravaganza

Play a twist on the classic Egg Toss by incorporating challenges. Pair up players and give each pair a hard-boiled egg.

Start close together and take turns tossing the egg. After each successful catch, step back to increase distance.

The pair tossing their egg the farthest without breaking it wins.

Introduce variations like one-handed catches, spinning in a circle before tossing, or blindfolded throws to increase difficulty and excitement. Implement a points system for each variation, with more challenging tasks earning higher points.

If you have a larger group, consider organizing a tournament-style competition with multiple rounds and an ultimate winning pair. Offer small prizes or certificates to recognize the winners and acknowledge all participants' efforts.

This Eggstravaganza is a fun game for kids and adults alike, that allows you plenty of creative freedom with variations and bonus points.

Matching Eggs Memory Hunt

Matching Eggs Memory Hunt

Add a twist to the classic Hunt with the Matching Eggs Easter Memory Game by incorporating a fun memory challenge.

Prepare plastic eggs filled with small items like jelly beans or coins, decorating them uniquely with colors or patterns or buying a large enough variety that you have plenty of pairs to work with.

Hide eggs around the house or yard, and give players a time limit to find as many eggs with matching partners as possible. Encourage the kids to remember the location of the eggs they've found, as they'll need to find a matching partner to score points, and should only pick up an egg when they've already located the matching partner.

Once the time is up, have players gather to compare their finds. Award points for each correct pair and subtract points for mismatched pairs. The player with the most points wins. This game combines the Easter spirit of an Easter egg hunt with the cognitive challenge of memory, creating a fun and engaging activity for all ages.

Alternative: if you don't have enough matching eggs to play the game, consider printing off duplicate copies of our jelly bean toss printable, and hiding them instead!

Egg Tower Game

Egg Tower

Enhance the Egg Tower game by introducing diverse materials and friendly competition. Provide each player with a hardboiled dyed or white egg and an assortment of materials, like toothpicks, straws, rubber bands, q-tips, or paper clips. Challenge participants to construct the tallest tower capable of supporting their egg without the tower breaking.

Begin by explaining the rules and demonstrating how to use the materials to create a stable structure. Encourage creativity and innovation in tower designs. Set a time limit (e.g., 15 minutes) to maintain engagement and create an exciting sense of urgency.

As players build their towers, foster a positive atmosphere by offering assistance, encouragement, and tips for improving stability. After the time expires, measure each tower with a ruler or measuring tape. Announce the winner with the tallest, stable tower supporting the egg and congratulate all participants for their effort and creativity.

Optionally, introduce a team element by having players work in pairs or small groups, promoting collaboration and communication.

Another alternative for younger kids or taller towers would be to use lightweight fake eggs instead.


The Egg Tower Challenge is entertaining and encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork in a fun, competitive environment.

Egg Push Showdown

Egg Push

For this version of the egg push game begin by pairing up players, giving each pair a hard-boiled egg. Alternatively you could use other objects like stuffed bunnies, or things that don't roll perfectly.

Designate a start and finish line using chalk, rope, or tape.

One team mate will start at the "starting line" and the other will wait at the "finish line".

The starting player will push the egg all the way to the finish line, as fast as they can, using only their nose to push the egg. Then the other team mate will push it as fast as they can, using only their nose, all the way back to the starting line. The fastest team wins the round!

You'll want judges at both lines to make sure everything is above board and goes smoothly.

To increase excitement, use a tournament-style competition with multiple rounds, pairing winners against each other until an ultimate champion emerges.

Consider incorporating variations like introducing obstacles within the play area to increase the challenge.

This Egg Push Showdown offers a blend of strategy, skill, and friendly competition, creating a fun and engaging activity during Easter celebrations.

Eggcellent Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon Toss

Add an Easter flair to the Water Balloon Toss using colorful water balloons decorated as Easter eggs.

Give each pair of players an empty balloon to decorate as their Easter egg first, fill it with water after, and then challenge them to toss it without breaking it. (Outside)

Like a regular toss game, after each successful catch, players step back to increase the distance.

The pair tossing their balloon the farthest without breaking it wins.

Colorful Ballons

Optionally, add a few drops of non-toxic food coloring for a vibrant splash when a balloon breaks. Keep in mind that depending on the dye used, it may stain clothing or anything it breaks on.

This colorful twist on the classic water balloon toss makes for a fun, engaging, and memorable Easter activity for all ages.

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Decorating Competition

Egg Decorating Showdown with white egg

Enhance the traditional Egg Decorating contest by incorporating unique themes, virtual engagement, and various judging categories.

Provide each participant with a hard-boiled or fake egg and an array of decorating supplies, like markers, stickers, paint, glitter,  glue, sequins, pom poms, etc. The sky's the limit!

Introduce a theme for the contest, like: animals, nature, Spring, rebirth, heaven, etc to inspire creativity and challenge the participEants.

Egg Color Kit

Establish a time limit for decorating and encourage participants to think outside the box while sticking to the theme. If you want another twist, give them a set of 3 to decorate and put together for the theme.

To include distant family and friends, make it a virtual event by streaming it or sharing the decorated eggs through a group chat or social media platform.

Ask friends and family to vote for their favorite eggs in different categories, like Most Creative, Best Use of Theme, Most Colorful, Funniest, etc.

Tally the votes and announce the winners in each category, acknowledging the effort and artistic talent of all participants.

This enhanced Egg Decorating Showdown merges creativity, friendly competition, and virtual engagement, making it a memorable Easter event for everyone involved!


In Conclusion

Easter can be a wonderful time for families to come together, create lasting memories, and share some holiday fun. With a variety of engaging indoor and outdoor Easter games and fun Easter activities, the whole family can have a great time bonding during your Easter gathering. Whether you're hunting for eggs, getting creative with crafts, or playing more fun games, these festive activities are sure to infuse your Easter party with laughter, excitement, and plenty of memorable moments. So, this Easter, hop into action and embrace the Easter spirit with your loved ones, making it an unforgettable day for everyone involved.

Happy Easter!

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