Kite flying isn't just a nostalgic blast from the past, but this timeless outdoor activity is also a cherished opportunity to bond with loved ones, breathe in some fresh air and work on your health by getting those step counts up.

Many different types of kites are available on the market, and it can be difficult to know which ones are the best for kids. Let us take the guesswork out of it for you and introduce you to the top-notch kites that are just the right size, bursting with vibrant colors and designs, effortless to fly, and built to last for endless adventures!

If you're new to kite flying or just need a refresher, this short YouTube video covers how to fly a kite for beginners, including troubleshooting techniques for common issues:
How To Fly A Kite For Beginners

How Do We Choose The Best For You?

First, we looked for kites that are made of high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand wind and rain.

The best kites for kids should be easy to assemble and fly. They should have clear instructions and simple controls to make the flying experience enjoyable for your child.

We understand that children will enjoy the kite flying experience much more if the design and color scheme is visually appealing and age appropriate, so that was something we took into consideration as well.

Kites can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. We looked for kites that offer good value for money without sacrificing quality or performance.

#1 Bestselling Kite

Mint's Colorful Life Green and Black Delta Kite for kids and beginners
Mint's Colorful Life Green and Black Delta Kite

Things To Know

You should know that this kite is larger (60"x 30"), so be prepared for extra space when flying it. The bigger size also means you may need more room (and energy) to run in order to get the kite up in the air.

This kite does require some assembly, but it's simple. Follow the instructions included, and you'll be ready to fly in no time.

Whether you're flying solo or with a group, this kite provides hours of outdoor fun for all ages.

If you have a young kids, this "5 Little Kites" song is a fun way to make flying a kite even more exciting:

Things To Love

This classic triangle kite is extremely easy to fly and the perfect choice for both kids and adults, especially beginners. The large size and nylon material make it a breeze to get this kite up in the air and keep it there.

The green and black combination is eye-catching and adds color to any day spent outside. The design will stand out against the sky, making it a fun and playful addition to any kite-flying experience. However, there are three more designs to choose from, including a black and blue option, a rainbow, and an American flag (perfect for some 4th of July fun!)

The nylon is strong and durable, ensuring that your kite will last many flyable days. Without worrying about tears or breaks, this kite is made to withstand even the most enthusiastic little kite flyer.

beautiful colorful kites all lined up in the air
Photo by Agnieszka Ziomek / Unsplash

Most Unique Kite

3D dragon kite for kids and beginners in a classic blue and red color scheme
HENGDA Stereoscopic 3D dragon kite for beginners

Things To Know

This 55"x62" dragon kite is designed to have a three-dimensional appearance, which makes it stand out in the sky and adds to its overall beauty. The intricate detailing of the dragon's scales, eyes, and wings makes it look lifelike, and an absolute joy to watch it fly.

The kite is designed to be flown on a single line, so it is unsuitable for advanced kite flying tricks or stunts and is intended for recreational use only.

The kite is made from high-quality, rip-resistant fabric built to last. It can handle strong winds and rough terrain without tearing or getting damaged.

Things We Love

The newer design makes it easier to control for beginners, but it's size and shape makes it best suited for those 4 and up (unless the younger ones are assisted by an adult of course.)

This dragon kite is so different from most kites you can find at the store, that it definitely qualifies as one of the cool kites your kid might be looking for. Regardless, it will stand out and make an impression on everyone who sees it.

Your child's imagination will roar to life with this impressive life-like dragon kite as they watch it fly through the sky in wonder.

dad and daughter flying rainbow kite for beginners outside on a cloudy day

If you have any Peppa Pig lovers in your home, you can play this 5 minute episode from YouTube before taking them out to fly for the first time to help build up that excitement:
Peppa Pig Flying A Kite

Easiest To Use With Low Wind Speeds

Easy To Fly Classic Kids Rainbow Delta Kite
AGREATLIFE Easy To Fly Classic Kids Rainbow Delta Kite

Things To Know

With its vibrant and eye-catching rainbow color scheme, this ultra-light kite will bring a smile to the faces of kids and adults alike.

Made from high-quality, water-repellent polyester material, this kite is built to last for years and fun!

This 42" wide kite is made with flexible materials that are difficult to break or damage and can be put together in under a minute!

It comes with a free downloadable PDF on how to fly a kite.

Speaking of Free printables, we put together this free kids printable sheet that you can download for your child to color and match the kites:
free kids worksheet on matching and coloring kites

Things To Love

We picked this one as one of the best kites for low wind, because the kite's unique design helps it soar high in even the lowest wind speeds (5-15 MPH), allowing kids to fly their kite anywhere, anytime. (No need to worry about disappointing your child when the wind doesn’t cooperate enough for a normal kite.)

We LOVE that this kite is designed to be super easy to launch for kids to use without adult assistance. You might have more energy and stamina than we do, but keeping up with our kids running outside becomes quite challenging, so being able to take a break while our young kids keep flying is a seriously awesome perk.

With over 8,000 happy reviews, it's hardly a risk at all trying out this kite!

sisters running on beach with a kite

In Conclusion

Kite flying can be a fun and exciting family activity for kids, but finding the right kite for this classic hobby can be difficult. Even though not all stores still sell kites, when you find a place that does, it's still important to consider some specific factors like how easy the kite is to launch and fly, the durability, and an age-appropriate design that will appeal to your child's imagination. We believe that the options we've listed here today are a great place to start your search and hope you find the perfect kite(s) for your family.

Happy flying!

Outline of brother and sister flying a kite in the sunset

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Questions and Answers

How Do Kites Fly?

Kites fly by achieving a balance between the forces of lift, gravity, and drag. Lift is the upward force that opposes the weight of the kite, while gravity is the downward force pulling the kite towards the ground. Drag is the backward force acting against the direction of motion. In order to fly, a kite must find enough wind to lift it and maintain it in the sky. Wind blowing against the kite's sail is blocked by the sail and is forced to move around the kite, providing the necessary lift.

There is a video on YouTube demonstrating how to fly a kite, with Chris Maxa, the General Manager of Kite Loft in Ocean City, Maryland as the demonstrator.

The National Science Teaching Association has a great article that gives explanations that kids can understand, additional related information, and project ideas for building your own kite here.

What Is The Easiest Kite For A Kid To Fly?

For kids and beginners, it's best to start with simple and easy-to-fly kites. Some of the best options include:

  1. Single-line kites: Single-line kites are a type of kite that are controlled by a single line attached to the kite (just like the name). They are easy to control and are a great option for kids and beginners. They are simple to assemble and usually require minimal setup. You can find diamond, delta, dragon, and other types of kites that are also single-line kites, but not always so make sure to check.
  2. Diamond kites: Diamond kites are simple, classic kites that are easy to fly and great for kids. They come in a variety of colors and designs and are usually made of lightweight materials that are easy to assemble, launch, and fly. Generally they are diamond shaped as the name suggests and have a long colorful tail for stability.
  3. Delta kites: Delta kites are a type of single-line kite that are triangular, easy to fly and come in a variety of sizes, making them a good option for kids and beginners. They are stable in the air, can often fly in winds to light for other types of kites, have a somewhat flexible frame that lets them adapt to changes in the wind easier, and are available in a range of designs and colors.

Why Is Kite Flying So Important?

Flying a kite has many benefits, both physical and mental. Some of the physical benefits include getting exercise and fresh air while enjoying the outdoors. Flying a kite can also be a form of low-impact aerobic exercise, which can help improve cardiovascular health.

Mentally, flying a kite can be a great stress-reliever and a way to improve your focus and concentration. It can also be a fun activity that allows you to spend quality time with friends and family. 

Additionally, flying a kite can be a great way to encourage creativity and imagination, as you can decorate your kite and let your imagination soar as you fly it.

This short article goes over the heath benefits of flying a kite.