Sarah is the co-founder of Persistent Parent and stepping out of the "we" shadows for this article to tell her personal story:

Like many other adults finding out later in life, I wasn't diagnosed with ADHD or anxiety until I was in my early 30's. However, I have been living with ADHD and anxiety for as long as I can remember, I just didn't know it then. I reached out for help thinking I had depression, only to find out eventually that it wasn't depression at all.

Multiple doctors, therapists, and medications later, I was still struggling.

My journey has often felt like a constant struggle to find ways to manage my symptoms effectively. Traditional medications and therapies provided some relief, but they often came with side effects and only addressed parts of the bigger picture.

Needless to say, I was left unsatisfied, but also unsure what else to try. I had resigned myself to "waiting" and continued living my life.

However, when my daughter's symptoms got worse and her wait for evaluation was months away, I decided I needed to look for some alternative options. I began searching the internet for recommendations on over the counter supplements for kids to help with mood, emotional regulation, focus, and sleep.

When I came a cross an advertisement for Kids fundamentals on TikTok, I decided to order it for her, but I had no idea how impactful that choice would be for my own struggles.

Introduction To Amare Global, Happy Juice And My Motivation For Taking A Chance

It wasn't until I stumbled upon the ad, visited the Amare Global website, and started learning about the connection between gut health and mental health that I became intrigued by the potential benefits of holistic supplements for myself.

I realized that there might be a more natural way to address my ADHD, anxiety, and other issues while promoting overall wellness.

I've officially been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, PCOS, and PMDD, so there were plenty of different ways that my health could be improved and I honestly didn't expect one company's products to help with every single one of them! (Yet here we are!)

So, I decided to embark on a journey to explore the world of holistic supplements and their potential to improve my gut health and, consequently, both my mental and physical health.

How I started my holistic supplement journey


When I decided to give holistic supplements a try, I knew I couldn't just jump right in without understanding what I was getting myself into.

So, I spent time researching online, reading up on gut health, the microbiome, and how our gut and brain are connected (the gut-brain axis). I've always loved researching topics that interest me, so this was a fun project for me.

If you're interested in my findings on the connection between the gut and mental health (via the gut-brain axis), check out this article here:

link to gut-brain connection article

Importance Of Gut Health To Mental Health

The gut-brain connection: how the gut influences our mental well-being

As I dove deeper into my research, I learned about the fascinating connection between our gut and brain.

Did you know that our gut is often referred to as the "second brain"?

It turns out that our gut and brain are in constant communication, sending signals back and forth through what's called the gut-brain axis. What happens in our gut can directly impact our mental health, affecting our mood, anxiety levels, and even ADHD symptoms, along with so many other things.

Fun Fact about serotonin and dopamine production

The Role Of Gut Microbiome In Mood, Anxiety, And ADHD Symptoms

Another surprising discovery I made was the importance of the gut microbiome, which is the community of trillions of bacteria living in our digestive system. These tiny organisms play a huge role in our overall health, including our mental well-being.

An imbalanced gut microbiome can lead to issues like inflammation, which can then contribute to mood swings, increased anxiety, and difficulties with focus and attention.

That's why improving gut health can be such a game changer when it comes to managing physical and mental health challenges.

The Amare Global products natural supplements I started with

When I decided to make my first order, I started with the "Happy Mind" pack. It was recommended for ADHD symptoms as it contains the magical elixir happy juice, a mood supplement, and a focus supplement.

I also ordered some of the sleep supplement and the pain relief supplement. I put off the "reboot", which I'll go into more detail on below, but I wish that I hadn't put it off.

Impact Of Holistic Supplements On ADHD Symptoms

Improved focus and motivation

As I began incorporating the recommended supplements into my daily routine, I started noticing some significant changes in my ADHD symptoms.

One of the first improvements was in my ability to focus. Tasks that used to seem overwhelming became more manageable, and I found it easier to stay on track throughout the day.

Along with better focus, I also experienced a boost in motivation. Suddenly, I felt more driven to complete projects and engage in activities that I used to put off or avoid due to feeling overwhelmed.

Enhanced stress resilience and mood stabilization

Another incredible change I noticed after taking these holistic supplements was my improved ability to handle stress (stress resilience). Situations that used to leave me frazzled and overwhelmed now seemed more manageable.

My mood became more stable, and I felt like I could navigate life's ups and downs with greater ease. I wasn't so easily triggered by my young children's outbursts or emotions, I could feel disappointment over something not going as planned without it ruining the rest of my day, and I was gaining confidence along with self-respect.

It was as if my brain had been given a much-needed tune-up, and I could finally tackle all these challenges without feeling like I was constantly fighting myself.

I wasn't just becoming closer to the version of the mom that I wanted to be, but I was growing closer to becoming the human being I wanted to be, and learned to love myself as-is in the process.

Effects On Anxiety And Sleep Quality

Reduced anxiety levels

As my journey with Amare Global continued, I was amazed to find that my anxiety levels began to decrease significantly. I no longer felt a constant presence of anxious energy in my day-to-day and I even felt calmer and more at ease in situations that used to make me very tense and uncomfortable.

Basically: By improving my gut health, I was also able to keep my anxiety in check-something I'd given up on ever happening.

Better sleep patterns and overall sleep quality

Amare Global Sleep

Another pleasant surprise I encountered was an improvement in my sleep quality. Before starting the supplements, I often struggled with insomnia, and struggled with falling asleep before the early hours of the morning.

I even went 5 days without any sleep during one of my pregnancies!

But as my gut health improved, so did my sleep patterns. I found myself WANTING to go to bed before midnight, drifting off to sleep more easily, and waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

It was about this time that I noticed I wasn't waking up angry anymore. This was a huge shock as I'd actually come to believe that waking up angry was just a part of my personality that couldn't be changed. It was a very welcome change, as better sleep meant more energy and mental clarity during the day, further helping me manage my ADHD and anxiety symptoms.

Weight Loss And Metabolism Improvements

Increased energy levels and metabolism

With better gut health came increased energy levels and an improvement in my metabolism. I no longer experienced the dreaded afternoon exhaustion or relied on multiple cups of coffee and energy drinks to keep me going.

My energy levels remained steady throughout the day, making it easier to stay active and engaged in my daily tasks. This boost in energy, combined with my improved focus and motivation, truly transformed the way I approached my day-to-day life and felt like I'd somehow gained so much more time in the day.

Gradual weight loss

After taking Happy Juice, along with Mentasync and a digestive supplement for about 6 weeks, the Mental Wellness Company announced they were holding a Mentally Fit Weight Loss Challenge to introduce their newest product, "GBX Burn."

I've always struggled with my weight and had some great success with intermittent fasting and prolonged or extended fasts between pregnancies, but I had been struggling to stick with the fasts at the time as my cravings were so strong.

Many days I wasn't eating enough, but what I was eating, wasn't doing anything good for my body. So, I decided to add the "Fit" and "Burn" supplements to my daily routine and enter the contest.

As my gut health, my digestion, and metabolism improved, the pounds seemed to melt away slowly. I felt too busy with the website, my family, and regular day-to-day activities to commit to exercising, but I took the supplements and I started to feel more confident and comfortable in my body.

I ended up losing 16 pounds in the first 4 weeks! The challenge is 90 days, so we'll have to wait to see where I end up- stay tuned!

Amare Global Happy Fit Pack

Enhancements In Skin, Hair, And Nails Health

Clearer and healthier skin

One of the most noticeable changes I experienced during my holistic supplement journey with Amare Global was the improvement in my skin health.

After a detox period, I started to see a significant reduction in breakouts, and my skin became clearer and more radiant. I looked younger and even my eyes appeared to shift to a brighter blue color.

It was as if my entire body was benefiting from the positive changes happening in my gut, and my face was reflecting that inner glow.

Stronger and faster-growing hair and nails

In addition to my skin, I also observed improvements in the health of my hair and nails.

My hair began growing where I'd had a lot of hair loss after my last child was born and wasn't breaking as much as it had been for the past year.

Similarly, my nails became less brittle, more shiny, and grew more quickly.

I was amazed at the far-reaching effects that improving my gut health through the Amare Global holistic supplements had on my overall well-being, and these visible changes only made me feel more confident and healthy.

I felt like I was becoming the person I always wanted to be!

Digestion And Gut Health Improvements

Better digestion and reduced bloating

As I continued to take these natural solutions, my digestion improved dramatically. I experienced less bloating and discomfort, and my entire digestive process seemed to function more smoothly.

Amare Global Digestive

Overall gut health and its connection to mental well-being

Throughout my holistic supplement journey with Amare Global, I was continuously reminded of the strong connection between gut health and mental well-being. As my gut health improved, so did my ADHD symptoms, anxiety levels, mood, hormones and more.

This experience has truly opened my eyes to the power of focusing on gut health as a means of enhancing not just my mental health, but my overall wellness.

By nurturing my gut with the right supplements and support, I've been able to unlock a whole new level of well-being that I never really believed was possible.

How I Joined The Global Mental Wellness Movement And Became An Amare Global Wellness Partner

I decided to become an Amare Global partner, so that I could make money online just by sharing my personal story of how Amare products have helped me improve brain function, my mood and cognitive functions, increased my energy levels, increased my stress resilience, balanced my hormones, helped my skin, my hair, my nails, weight loss and more.

All I have to do is let people know how the last three months of taking these natural holistic supplements from Amare Global has been life-changing for me, let them know all the ways it can help them, remind them that there's a 1-year money-back guarantee (minus shipping costs) so there's no risk for them to try it themselves, and be completely transparent in both my wellness journey and the process of making money with Amare Global.

I have no previous history in sales or MLM companies and I've never been a social media influencer, but the tools and support provided by Amare Global make it easy to understand how I can best serve the people around me by sharing my story and discussing their struggles empathetically.

The level of free training that's provided and the team atmosphere between weekly live calls, guides, and private Facebook groups is incredible. I really love the focus on service, honesty, transparency, and personal growth.

If you're looking to join Amare Global as a mental wellness partner, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to you! I'll go into more detail on the compensation plan and some commonly asked questions below.

If you're interested in learning more about why you should become an Amare Global partner, check out this private Facebook group: The Future of Social Selling

Amare Global Review: Compensation Plan

Alright, let's get this out of the way first: Is Amare Global a scam?

No Amare Global uses attraction marketing, commissions, and some methods that successful MLM business models also use, but it is not like a "normal" MLM company.

Your commission is based on personal sales, but there are also benefits that a multi-level marketing or MLM company doesn't offer, like a percentage of the company's global sales volume with unlimited income potential.

Amare Global pays out commissions weekly using a payment processing company, you don't have to "recruit" anyone or be a "team leader" to make serious money online, many of the products are patented and have won awards, there are many medical professionals that support and sell these products themselves so you don't have to fight the medical community (the chief science officer is himself a doctor), all the studies that are referenced in backing the supplements are shared with the product information, they're the first company to focus on the gut brain axis connection to mental wellness, they provide natural solutions to helping your body function as it's designed rather than harming it with unsustainable diets or medications, only the highest quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing process and all Amare Global products go through a rigorous quality control process.

It's definitely an easier way to make money online than that digital real estate business you've seen commercials for! ;)

The Full Compensation Booklet

link to compensation plan

You can find all the details of the compensation plan here in the digital booklet:

My mentor's Amare Global Review and how it changed her life financially:

"6 months ago… Yikes, we were struggling.

We had just started the final stage of our main floor remodel. Ripped out carpet. Finishing living room, main floor bathroom and stairs/entryway.

Then all the car problems began. $$$$$

A/C goes out in both vehicles. (It’s summer 🥵)

My car just breaks down randomly. Everything in it just stops working randomly.

Insert my mental breakdown.

Car gets (kinda) fixed. 💥 BAM💥 Someone crashes into me and damages the right side of my car.

October- My first Amare conference.

I claimed I was going to go all in. Our future and finances were going to change. While we were walking to dinner one night, a Wagoneer drove by and I told the girls that I will have one of those. I claimed that I’d also be a Leader.

November- my business is growing rapidly. I double rank and hit Leader and started making a 5 figure MONTHLY income. AND received a $3000 bonus. I’m #1 in sales in the company.

We went on a FREE all inclusive trip to Panamá.

We did not use a single credit card for Christmas presents.

December- Guess what? My van breaks down randomly again. I swear this thing is possessed. Tow it to the body shop. Get the insurance company to give me a rental. Plan was to get the body work completed and then get a new car.

We are really working on all the adulting stuff. Putting money in savings, being responsible with money. Working on our mindset and being grateful. Being more positive. And PRAYING a lot!!!

Still remodeling too….


The only debt we have is our house payment. We were able to pay off everything else.

Life Insurance policies ☑️☑️☑️

Main floor of our house is DONE!

We start looking at cars and realize my dream car is a GO!

Not only that, but my husband will be following his dreams and starting his own remodel and design business NEXT WEEK, so if you are looking for someone, keep him in mind. 😉 Ellis Design LLC

My point in sharing this is not to brag, it is to show you that with hard work, determination and a lot of prayers, so much can change in a short amount of time. It’s been an amazing 6 months and I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months look like."

Another Amare Global review and how it's helped her health:

"So I don’t usually make posts like this but for the last 2 weeks I have been trying a new yummy plant-based drink that my cousin told me about.

It helps with stress, anxiety, better mood, more energy, decreasing inflammation, reducing cortisol, and more.

It has some incredible gut health benefits.

For me I went from taking tums 2-4 times a day to only needing them a few times in 2 weeks.

Also went from drinking 1-2 energy drinks a day to a few in two weeks and not cause I needed it but because I wanted it.

Also my mood, energy level and sleep have been so much better! Does anyone want to try this with me?"

For more testimonials on  how Amare Global products have changed lives: Add yourself to the The Future of Mental Wellness Facebook group.

link to the future of mental wellness

The Amare Global Happy Juice Pack

image of the Amare Global Happy Juice Pack

The Amare Global Happy Juice Pack combines three of the most popular products to help promote gut health, reduce stress, reduce anxious feelings, reduce negativity, lower cortisol, increase mental and physical energy,  improve mood and motivation, increase focus, increase serotonin and dopamine production naturally.

This deliciously magical drink is made by mixing together 8+ ounces of water with three powdered supplements into one daily watermelon or grape (your choice) flavored beverage.

The three Amare products that make up Happy Juice are: Mentabiotics, Edge, and Energy+.

MentaBiotics: contains specific strains of probiotics (good bacteria), prebiotics (encourage growth of good bacteria by providing it the right nutrition) and phytobiotics (protect good bacteria) that has been scientifically proven to optimize mental wellness.

Amare Global MentaBiotics

It also helps to normalize the gut, immune system, and brain functions.

This is one of the corner stone products in the Amare Global award-winning fundamentals pack. The clinical studies done on the key ingredients show a 49% reduction in overall distress, 60% decrease in irritability scores, 50% decrease in depression scores, and a 55% decrease in anxiety scores.

Edge: Edge is a stimulant free, caffeine free,  nootropic (cognitive function enhancer) created by Amare Global that combines fruit enzymes for incredible benefits.

Amare Global Edge

Palm Fruit Bioactives It helps the brain to develop new connections, repair failing brain cells, and protect healthy brain cells. Maintaining adequate levels of the power-packed protein can protect our brains from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. It also promotes neuron regeneration, neurotransmitters (dopamine), mood boosting, and microbiome balance.

Lychee Fruit is rich in bioavailable polyphenols that aid the body and mind endurance and helps keep blood sugar stable.

Mango Leaf  helps in reducing inflammation. It also works at providing better mental flow while improving both motivation and physical performance.

Edge may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, attention, memory, creativity, or motivation (common issues for those with ADHD and other neurodivergent people.)

Energy+: Increases energy levels and endurance to improve both body and brain performance.

Helps provide long lasting endurance for workouts.

Helps with improvements in brain and physical performance without any annoying jitters or afternoon energy crash.

Amare Global Energy


A new subscribe and save purchase of a happy juice pack in April, gets you a free bottle of Mood!

Free Mood April Promo

When you make your first subscribe and save pack purchase, you'll receive a "reboot +".

This is what I mentioned above as something I put off and wish I hadn't. Reboot is all about cleaning our gut, purging the bad bacteria, detoxing, and feeding the good bacteria.

It's a 3 day process that involves taking the herbal detox pills provided while eating a restricted diet heavy on gut-healthy foods.

It seems extremely restrictive to most people when you read through it the first time, but with the right recipes and preparation ahead of time, it's actual a great experience.

My husband and I both said we felt satiated longer, had less acid reflux, less gas, fewer cravings, and more energy.

There were no "hangry" outbursts or exhausted collapses and we were never hungry.

Since it doesn't require tracking calories, macros, or even food consumption, it's pretty simple and straightforward.

You don't have to do the reboot to get results from the products, but it will speed up your results and your healing process.

I strongly recommend you do the 3 day reboot before you start whatever products you decided to purchase.

Amare Global Happy Mind Pack

Amare Global Happy Mind Pack

The Happy Mind pack is often what's recommended for adults with symptoms of ADHD, but of course, everyone is different, and there may be other products better suited for the challenges you're dealing with, which is why it's always best to chat with a wellness partner before making your purchase.

The happy mind pack includes Energy+, Edge, Mood+, and Focus. As I wrote about Energy+ and Edge above, and Mood+ below, I'll just include the info on Focus here.

Focus: As the name suggests, this particular Amare Global holistic supplement is all about increasing the ability to focus, improving alertness, improving neural stimulation, fostering mental sharpness, cognitive functioning, and innovative thinking.

It's proven to improve short-term and long-term memory functions, increase attention span, and promotes stress reduction using all-natural and stimulant-free ingredients.

Amare Global MentaFocus

Along with mentabiotics, it's another part of the Amare Global award-winning Gut-Brain Axis Fundamentals system.

Amare Global Fundamentals Pack

The Amare Global Happy Hormones Pack

Amare Global Happy Hormone Pack

The happy hormone pack combines three Amare products in one awesome package to help balance our hormones:

Ignite: balances sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Amare Global Ignite

Mood+ : balances stress hormone productions like cortisol, DHEA, & serotonin (the happy hormone). The key ingredients in Mood have been shown to decrease feelings of sadness by 20%, decrease anger by 42%, and reduce stress symptoms by an impressive 70%!

Amare Global Mood Plus

GBX Fit: balances metabolic hormones like insulin, glucose, dopamine, GLP and more.

Amare Global GBX Fit

More info on the three Amare products that are in the happy hormones pack?

Ignite: This Amare Global product has a women's and men's version that naturally directs your hormones back to something closer to their original youthful settings.

It uses an all-natural blend of adaptogens formulated specifically to support the normal balance of your hormones estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

This is often recommended for people going through menopause, postpartum changes, and those struggling with low libido.

Changes in hormone profiles can lead to irritability, mood changes, temperature fluctuations, weight gain, loss of ambition, and more.

Hers: Includes Lemon Balm,  Shatavari, Fenugreek, and Wild Green Oat.

His: Combines Rhodiola, Cordyceps Mushrooms, Tongkat Ali, and Beet Root.

Mood+: Mood is an all-natural mood support adaptogenic product that addresses feelings of anxiousness, sadness, and restlessness. It has been shown to enhance or improve mood and cognitive functions.

GBX Fit: The world’s first QUADbiotic gut-brain axis product for weight loss.

This popular "purple pill"  combines specifically targeted prebiotic, probiotic, phytobiotic, and postbiotic strains shown to assist with weight loss. There's more to it than just weight loss benefits though, as it's also shown to improve skin health, sleep quality, and anxious feelings- all things associated with out-of-balance hormones.

In Conclusion

Summary of my Amare Global journey and its positive effects

Looking back on my journey with Amare Global, I am incredibly grateful for the positive changes they have brought to my life.

By focusing on improving my gut health, I have experienced significant improvements in my ADHD symptoms, anxiety, mood, focus, sleep quality, weight, energy levels, monthly cycle, and even the health of my skin, hair, and nails.

This experience has shown me that taking a holistic approach to health can yield powerful results that impact all aspects of our lives.

Encouragement for others to explore holistic approaches for overall health improvement

For anyone struggling with mental health challenges, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring holistic approaches to improve gut health.

By prioritizing our gut health, we can unlock a greater sense of well-being and experience positive changes that reverberate throughout our lives.

Don't be afraid to take the first step on this journey—you might be amazed by the results.

If you'd like to talk with me about your questions and/or concerns, please reach out in the comments, e-mail, or visit my metricool page.

I will not pressure you to buy anything, laugh at any of your questions, or shame you for any reason.

I understand that mental health can be a real struggle, that risking more money on new treatments when previous options failed isn't easy, and that even allowing yourself to hope for a better future can feel impossible some days.

I do understand, and I will support you the best I can, regardless of whether you ever purchase anything from my commission links.

We're all about support here at Persistent Parent and that definitely includes our fellow neurospicy individuals and mental health warriors navigating life the best we can!

Questions and Answers

What is Amare Global's mission and goals?

Their official mission statement is: "To create a holistic mental wellness platform of products, programs, and people."

The core values listed are love, integrity, innovation, service, and humility.

Their written vision statement is "Lead the global mental wellness revolution."

Is Amare Global A Scam?

Amare Global, AKA The Mental wellness Company, is company that uses a holistic mental wellness platform to help people with their health, by providing all-natural supplements based on scientific research and studies.

Many people have questioned if Amare Global is a scam simply because the claims are so incredible,  yet if you read the customer reviews and consider the one year money back satisfaction guarantee, it's easy to see that this company is not a pyramid scheme or a scam. It's just a company on the cutting edge of health science.

Are Amare Global Products Organic?

Amare products are non-GMO and gluten free, with the majority of ingredients being organic. However, they are not 100% organic as they use “nature-identical” synthetics in some products if they deem them to be "superior to a natural option".

Are Amare Global Products Vegan?

OmMega and MentaHeart (products for cardiovascular and cognitive health) are not Vegan due to the gelatin in the capsules, but the vast majority of the Amare products are vegan.

What Products does Amare Global sell?

Amare Global sells natural and holistic products for health that starts in the gut.

The full catalog of products available in 2023 is here.

Are Amare Global products safe?

Yes all products made by the mental wellness company have been tested and manufactured with the highest quality control, but you should always seek medical advice from your doctor or healthcare provider before starting a new supplement.

How is Amare Global different from other MLM companies?

Amare Global refers to themselves as a company that uses attraction marketing to sell their mental wellness supplements, and does not claim to be an mlm company. They do however have business model very similar to an mlm business model.

They offer commissions to their brand partners for selling products, and charge an annual fee to be a wellness partner, but they do not require partners to carry any products in stock, to purchase a minimum amount of products, or even to recruit others to become partners.

They have a commission system that offers a personal customer volume bonus, multiple tiers of bonuses, free vacations and other extravagant rewards, along with weekly direct deposit payouts.

Amare Global Return Process

Customers receive the one year Amare Global Customer Satisfaction guarantee, which is a full money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling costs).

To start the return process, customers need to fill out this short RMA Request form and wait 1 or 2 business days for an e-mail response with instructions.

Any returns (if applicable) must be received within 14 business days from the RMA issuing date.

Can I order from Amare Global without using the subscribe and save feature?

Yes, you can place single purchase orders, without using the subscribe and save option, but it will cost you 10% more (at the time of publishing) and may not allow you to utilize any of the monthly bonuses or freebies.

What is the Amare Global "Refer-A-Friend Program"?

If a current customer refers a new customer or partner to the company, using their referral link, and the new customer makes a purchase of $39.95+ subscribe and save order, the referring customer earns a product credit to be used in a future purchase.

The new customer or partner would also receive $10 off their first purchase using the referral link that was sent to them.

This is limited to 3 free product credits per month, and you can find them under your Amare Global account settings.